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W&S staff has served clients for more than 25 years with extensive experience in urban and transportation planning and transportation modeling in the U.S., Canada, Chile, and China. W&S is a highly-specialized transportation consulting firm established in 2009 located in the great California Silicon Valley area.


W&S is a highly specialized transportation consulting firm. Its primary service categories include traffic data collection and traffic monitoring; design, management, and quality control of transportation data; conversions of transportation data into transportation modeling formats; transportation modeling training and software applications; transportation visualization; appointed distributor of transportation planning software Emme in the US; ATMS and adaptive signal control; and before-and-after study for signal improvement programs.


W&S further helps to consult firms by providing unique and advanced services to perform specialized modeling tasks for General Plans, Traffic Impact Studies, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Control Systems, Transportation Planning, Air Quality Conformity Process, Transportation Demand, Capacity Analysis, and Transportation-Related Emission Forecasting.


Data collection efforts managed by W&S include projects to collect transportation data using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and camera-based systems, execute county-wide transportation traffic counts, develop demand forecasting models, collect passenger counts using ITS-based systems, survey travel speeds and travel times with GPS/Video technology and GIS databases, as well as performing evaluations based on accepted transportation modeling processes. In most projects, data from the above sources have been reviewed, processed, and compiled by W&S into modeling systems such as Emme, Cube, TransCAD, ArcGIS, and Aimsun. Where relevant, California PeMS data are further used to monitor and analyze transportation systems. In addition, operational software such as Traffix, Synchro/Simtraffic, HCS 2010, and Aimsun have also been used extensively for both planning projects and operation studies.


Since 2020, W&S has developed AI and Computer Vision technology integration methodologies and worked with AI and Cloud business partners, including Nvidia, Oracle, Aotu.AI, and Archimedes, to develop a TranportBrain approach, an integration system to collect traffic data with high accuracy with wired or wireless, with electric powers or solar systems. W&S uses the system approach for its projects.

If you're looking for transportation consultation or assistance, please don't hesitate to connect: W & S Solutions at  call 925-380-1320 or


Phone: 925-380-1320 or 925-398-3419 (Direct)

Fax: 925-326-2614

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