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Company Profile

W&S staff has served clients for more than 25 years with extensive experience in urban and transportation planning and transportation modeling in the U.S., Canada, Chile, and China. W&S is a highly-specialized transportation consulting firm established in 2009 located in the great California Silicon Valley area.


W&S primary services include transportation planning, traffic engineering, transportation modeling, transportation data collection, survey design, project management and quality control, conversions of the transportation data into transportation modeling formats, transportation modeling training, transportation demand modeling software applications, transportation visualization, appointed distribution of transportation software, and traffic simulations in addition to ATMS and adaptive signal control and the before-and-after study for the signal improvement programs.


W&S helps firms by providing its unique and advanced services to perform specialized modeling tasks for General Plans, Traffic Impact Studies, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Control Systems, Transportation Planning, Air Quality Conformity Process, Transportation Demand and Capacity Analysis, and Transportation Related Emission Forecasting.


W&S staff have performed projects to collect the county-wide transportation traffic counts, ITS based passenger counts, survey the travel speeds and times with the GPS/Video technology and GIS databases and perform the evaluations based on the transportation modeling process. The data from these sources are reviewed, processed and compiled into the modeling systems such as Emme, Cube, ArcGIS and Aimsun. In addition, the PeMS data are used to monitor and analyze transportation systems. Operational software such as Traffix, Synchro/Simtraffic, HCS 2010 and Aimsun have been used extensively for both planning projects and operation studies.

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