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W&S Staff

W&S Staff

Nov 5, 2016

Improve transportation capacity of Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia

W&S was selected by Asia Development Bank to improve transportation capacity of Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia urban transport agencies in planning and managing urban transport in an integrated and sustainable way. W&S was contracted to coordinate and cooperate with the team leader in the preparation of the reporting requirements, the conduct of workshops and training, survey specifications, model specifications and the model developments. Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Outputs include (i) Develop travel demand forecast model for Ulaanbaatar; (ii) Evaluate travel demand analysis software in the market and recommend appropriate software for Ulaanbaatar's need and capacity; (iii) Prepare model specifications for Ulaanbaatar; (iv) Prepare travel demands data survey appropriate to Ulaanbaatar and supervise survey and data analysis activities; (v) Supervise network development, travel demand data preparation and model analysis with the selected model; (vi) Calibrate the model for a base year and develop future travel demand model for the future with different transport and urban development scenarios; (vii) Develop detailed travel demand model for ADB's MFF Tranches; (viii) Provide training and hand-on excise for model building and analysis to local experts; (ix) Prepare model documents and user manuals for the model built; and (x) Prepare travel model report for short-term, mid-term and long-term future of Ulaanbaatar.

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