W & S Solutions, LLC (W&S) is a member of the W&S (Wu & Song) International Group. W&S Staff have served clients for more than 20 years with extensive experience in urban and transportation planning and transportation modeling in the U.S., Canada, Chile, and China. Primary services include transportation data tasks (including collection, design, management and quality control), converting transportation data into transportation modeling formats, transportation modeling training, transportation modeling software applications, transportation visualization, traffic simulations and appointed distribution of transportation software. W&S provides advanced services to perform specialized modeling tasks for Traffic Impact Studies, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Control Systems, Transportation Planning, Air Quality Conformity Process and Transportation-Related Emission Forecasting. W&S staff performed county-wide transportation traffic counts, ITS based passenger counts, travel speed surveys with GPS technologies and GIS databases, and evaluations based on the transportation modeling process. In addition, PeMS data are used to monitor and analyze transportation systems. Operational software such as Traffix, Synchro/Simtraffic, HCS 2010 and Aimsun have been used extensively for both planning projects and operation studies. W&S is a highly specialized California based firm with a valid DBE(/UDBE) certification.   

Consulting & Projects


W & S Solutions provides  transportation modeling training and consulting, transportation visualization, transportation demand forecasting modeling, traffic simulations,  ITS feasiblity studies, and many other services. W & S Solutions supports firms with its unique services in specialized modeling tasks.


Software Applications


W & S Solutions is a business partner of INRO ( in the US and is specialized in the applications of Emme and Dynameq systems.  In addition, W & S Solutions staff also can apply other transportation systems including Cube, TransCAD, Aimsun and ArcGIS in its projects.


Technical Training


W & S Solutions offers demand forecasting modeling training courses and software-related modeling classes. W & S Solutions has offered similar classes and seminars to UC Berkeley,  UC Berkeley ITS Extension, UC Davis, Washoe Regional Transportation Planning Commission, City of Palo Alto, Hong Kong University, and University of Chile.


Firm Profile

      The Group was established in 2006 with offices and partners in the USA, China, Canada and Spain. Since founded in 2009 in Pleasanton, California, W&S has been awarded project contracts by USTDA  and transportation agencies in California, including  transportation services for Caltrans, MTC, San Joaquin Council of Governments, Contra Costa Transportation Authority, Humboldt County, City of Palo Alto, City of Redwood City, City of Vacaville, City of South San Francisco, and City of El Cerrito. In addition, W&S supported TJKM Transportation Consultants, Dowling Associates, Kittelson & Associates, Stantec, DKS, Cambridge Systematics, Marc Crain Transportation Group, W-Trans and EPS on various engineering, planning and modeling projects. W&S staff served as President and Vice President of San Francisco Bay Area ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Section and a chair of technical programs. W&S staff worked on strategies of transportation planning, intelligent transportation systems, land use allocations and environmental emission estimation projects in US, China and Canada.    


November 7-10, 2016 - W&S “Transport Modelling with Emme”
“Transport Modelling with Emme” is a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of transportation planning and travel ..
November, 2016 - W&S and Wu & Song International Conference 2016 International Advanced Transportation Application Conference
This conference focuses on integration methodologies including the use of Emme, Dynameq and CityPhi for micro-simulation..
October 10, 2016 - W&S selected for Travel Demand Forecasting Modeling Services for City of South San Francisco Area
August 10, 2016 - W&S selected to support Stantec: Lead in Data Collection and Modeling Service for the San Francisco County Transportation Authority
July 11-14, 2016 - W&S hosted 24th Aimsun Integrated System Training Program in Shanghai
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